Message from the Grange President: Regarding the Elementary School

    The fire at the Lookingglass school was a major loss for the community. We are very fortunate that there were no injuries as a result of this tragedy. This incident has shown how well the Lookingglass community comes together to help in a time of need. From the firefighters to the many businesses and countless volunteers who have offered their services to help keep the students in our community. 

    Lookingglass Grange 927 has always been a community oriented organization for over 65 years. In line with helping keep the students from being sent elsewhere, the Grange has offered the full use of it’s facility for the school to serve all meals and other activities as needed for as long as necessary. The normal activities of the Grange ie; farmers market, bingo night etc. will continue without interruption, as well as the facility still being available for rent by anyone as needed, outside of school use.

    Working together we will recover from the community’s loss and move toward the future.
Thank you,
David Gilding


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