Lookingglass Grange Booth Does Fair-ly Well!

Congrats to Grange member Stephanie Pederson for putting together a great booth for the Fair!

The Grange Booth at the 2014 Douglas County Fair took home Second Place this year, coming in behind Riverdale Grange, a booth which also took home First Place in the Oregon State Fair.

The booth displayed daily life in Lookinglass, with miniature buildings of Lookingglass Grange, the local store and also the Lookingglass Fire Department.

The fruits and vegetables were offerings of what we produce here in the Lookingglass Valley: melons, beans, sunflowers, apples and peaches. We also had a variety of canned goods from Lookingglass Bakery and Meals To-Go, a small business operation out of the Grange Kitchen, that sells it’s wares at the Friday Farmer’s Market.

The painting, which also added to the backdrop of our little town. was also done by a Lookingglass Native. Any suggestions or improvements welcome, we want to bring home First Place next year!

2nd Place Ribbon for Lookingglass Grange
2nd Place Ribbon for Lookingglass Grange.

Overview of Lookingglass Grange Booth
Overview of Lookingglass Grange Booth with grange symbols and produce.

Model of Lookingglass Grange Hall.
Model of Lookingglass Grange Hall.

This is Berry Exciting!

Looking Glass Organic Farms LLC grows nothing but delicious organic Northwest blueberries. Our blueberries are great for Jams, Jellies, Pies, Smoothies, and best of all for popping right into your mouth. We will be at the farmers market with fresh berries for the next 4 to 6 weeks.

Organic blueberries on sale at the Lookingglass Farm Market.
Organic blueberries on sale at the Lookingglass Farm Market.

Free to Be Me!

A newly created small business, Lookingglass Bakery and Meals To-Go will be featuring gluten-free brownies and muffins this week at the Friday Market. Ingredients are all natural, and there even will be gluten-free hand-held pies!

In addition to the staple crusty artisan bread loaves and sweet and crunchy cookies, there will be blueberry and peach pies, as well as a small number of peach caramel nut pies.

On the Meals To-Go side, frozen beef lasagne and three cheese stuffed manicotti will be available for you to take home and store in your freezer for when you don’t feel like cooking! Pop one of these hearty meals in your oven for an at-home Italian dining experience.

Gluten-free Brownies and Muffins
Gluten-free Brownies and Muffins

See you Friday in Lookingglass!