An intimate concert with Mare Wakefield – October 7th at the Lookingglass Grange


OCT 7 – Mare Wakefield Concert at the Lookingglass Grange
All the way from Nashville travels the singer and songwriter, Mare Wakefield, to play in series of concerts on the West coast.

Wakefield plays at the Lookingglass Grange (on 7426 Lookingglas Road) just west of Roseburg starting at 6pm.

The benefit concert is open to the public (of all ages) and the proceeds benefit the Lookingglass Grange’s Words for Thirds program where the Grange buys dictionaries for every 3rd grader at the Lookingglas & Elementary school.

Concert costs $12 per person and reservations are taken by Patrick Starnes at 541-580-9120 or by email:

Seating is limited so get your reservation quickly!

PS – Hear Mare Wakefield’s music on:


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