Lookingglass Farm Market

Lookingglass Farm Market extending it’s season until just before spring. Come see us every Friday until March from 4-6pm inside of the Lookingglass Grange.


2 thoughts on “Lookingglass Farm Market

    1. Hello Chriset,

      The list of vendors changes just a little each week, which keeps things exciting! Here is the list so far:

      Cindy Phillips – local honey, beeswax, candles. She and her husband also have another small business called Meadowlark Welding where they do everything from repair gates and fixtures to designing and building custom metal pieces (handrails, gates, furniture, elevators, and the list goes on). Scott fixes tractors and during the summer they’re madly haying for clients around the area. The saying “jack of all trades” doesn’t apply here because they’ve mastered they’re trades.

      Anthony’s Artisan Breads – Anthony and Sandee used to have a small organic CSA in the Winston area, but have made a huge transition in their business in the last year. Anthony has had a change of heart and they’ve decided to foster his love of baking bread. He has discovered his calling as a baker. His sourdough breads are perfection (cheddar Jalapeno, cranberry and local walnut, country loaf, ciabatta rolls, baguettes)! Not to mention his other baked goods and prepared foods. He’s become well known for his chicken empanadas and pissaladiere! Recently he’s been churning out croissants and one patron has said the these lovely little puffs of goodness are “what dreams are made of”. It’s true. He’s been a staple at the market as he currently bakes in the grange’s certified kitchen every Monday and Friday. So when you walk into the market the first thing you smell is his bread. The smell conjures up memories of childhood and making delicious dishes from scrath. A little taste of the old world is in his food.

      Erin Saylor & Candy Maidens – I put them together on this line because they usually share a table..These lovely ladies are nothing short of amazing! Their table is usually full of handmade goods such as laundry soap, goats milk soap, hand made signs, walnuts, farm fresh eggs, seasonal vegetables and lots more depending on the time of year. The variety and sense of family that they emit is a market favorite. Deeply knowledgeable of the area, of farm animals, canning, growing these two friends are a powerhouse of community and education. Candy is the Grange president, while Erin is Vice-Pres. Watch out! These two are busy cooking up ideas for the next way to serve this area.

      B&J Bakery – This local bakery is fantastic! Bethany and her family are very well known in the area and are a market staple. Her cookies and pies are out of this world good! She also, sells par-baked pizza dough’s so you can pick one up, bring it home, put your own toppings on it and bake it yourself. She makes various breads and is always ready to give a smile and a warm welcome to each of her customers. We love B&J Bakery!

      Karry’s Chipotle Sauce – Sweet and spicy sauces to whet the whistle! She samples her product at the market and you may want to bring your pocket book! These sauces can be used in a variety of recipes and are truly a must on your shelf. Perfect addition to ice cream, dipping sauce, salad dressing and more.

      Becky Ashby – cards & calendars reflecting the natural world. The photographic images are soothing and reminders of what we all have in common. The natural world around us.

      Wicker Works – hats, wallets, scarves and lots of other handmade goodies to choose from.

      Sheryl & Larry Stokes – the most amazing variety of soaps you’ve every seen. These soaps are a work of art! Make sure you have time to spend looking at this table of curiosities because each soap has it’s own story, smell and look. Extraordinary!

      Patrick Starnes – Patrick is an expert cabinet maker and shows up at market with wooden stools and other custom made items. He’ll take your order and come back with the highest quality piece you could ask for.

      Kathy Schaler – CHEESECAKE! Many varieties, lemon, eggnog, lavender. This cheesecake is unbelievable. She has found her calling and we can taste it.

      Jeff (Kathy‚Äôs hubby) – Musician Extraordinaire! Jeff plays original pieces on his guitar. His music creates the perfect setting for socializing and for dancing if you’re brave enough!

      Cindy Beach – perfumed candles and unique hand lotions. Cindy is discovering her line of products and you should too. Subtle and beautiful these candles and lotions are a reminder to honor your well being.

      Max Smoot – Screen printed t-shirts and art works. Max is a busy guy because he’s taking orders. Order your design and t-shirts while you can get on the list!

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